Can I send a laptop/desktop computer with a courier?

You can ship laptops and desktop PCs with most couriers, but each courier has its own specific restrictions in place for such shipments. The key problem with shipping laptops is that different countries have different rules about shipping lithium batteries (used in laptops). You must check to see what the specific restrictions are for the country you intend to ship to are before you book a delivery.

If you are sending a laptop, you must ensure that the battery is kept inside of the laptop.

Note: If you are shipping a laptop to Argentina, the laptop cannot be in a laptop bag.

The following table details the restrictions of each of the carriers we use:


Can ship 4 laptops per waybill

UPS n/a
  • Cannot ship Macbooks.
  • They will not cover for damage for laptops or monitors.
  • Each package must be labelled with a completed lithium battery marking:
    • This marking must contain;
    • UN Number
    • a telephone number where more information on the shipment and its content can be obtained
ParcelForce n/a
FedEx n/a







How to package your laptop or desktop

  1. Make sure your laptop is turned off
  2. Support the seams and edges of your new box with two layers of packaging tape. This will help keep it secure.
  3. Layer the bottom of your box in 2 inches of bubble wrap or packaging chips to create a bed for your laptop to rest on.
  4. Seal the laptop in an anti-static and air-tight bag and then wrap it in two inches of bubble wrap. Secure with plenty of packaging tape to make a tight package. Now add your corner protectors.
  5. Place the laptop in the box and surround it in 2 inches of bubble wrap or packaging chips. The laptop should not be able to touch any of the inner walls of the box, and should be completely still.
  6. Take the laptop charger and wrap it separately in bubble wrap and secure with packaging tape. Place this on top of a laptop or to the side, making sure that it cannot move or touch the laptop inside. A spare piece of cardboard can be used to partition the box and create a pocket for the charger.
  7. Secure the box with plenty of packaging tape. Run three layers of tape down the main flaps of the box and then again in a cross pattern.

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