Can I ship to remote areas?

Some locations are considered remote areas by the delivery companies we work with. We can still offer delivery to remote locations, however we do apply a fee for such deliveries because it costs more to deliver to these areas.

The fee is calculated by applying £0.40 per kg to the total distance needed to travel, or the standard remote area fee of £16.65 – whichever is the greater.

The remote area fee is applied if:

  • The location is difficult to service
  • The suburb or town is distant, inaccessible or infrequently serviced
  • The location is defined as an island or highlands

When we provide you with the shipping options to a remote area, we automatically include any applicable remote location surcharges to your final price.

Note: Your delivery location is automatically deemed as remote if you live in a location like the Shetland Islands, or the highlands of Scotland.

Addresses in remote location areas will usually take a bit longer to deliver to. Generally, an additional 24-48 hours is usually added onto the normal transit time for each service.

Note: Only Timed deliveries to remote locations are guaranteed, but not all remote areas will have timed deliveries available.

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