Do you offer parcel insurance?

Most of our services come with £50 of free cover, and you can also purchase additional loss/damage cover if you're sending items with a higher value.

To find out more about our insurance, visit our delivery insurance calculator.

Note: In order for us to provide cover for your items, they must be packaged in accordance with our Labeling and Packaging Criteria. If you are sending a high value item, we recommend you send us images of your packaging prior to shipping, we can then provide written pre-approval for the packaging you are using, providing piece of mind that your items are covered in the event of damage.

Prohibited items

There are some items that are not suitable for transporting by courier and we therefore cannot offer cover for. Please check our prohibited items list before purchasing cover.

Compensation exclusions

We cannot offer cover for items on our compensation exclusions list unless you contact us prior to shipping. Items on this list are fragile, so we need to assess the packaging your using before offering cover. If you want to arrange cover for items on our exclusions list, please send us images of your packaging and we will provide pre-approval.

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