Can I ship medicine?

ParcelCompare can ship medicines, but they are subject to restrictions depending on the country you’re shipping to, so check with your destination country customs officials before sending.  

Controlled medicines 

You can only send controlled medicines if they have been prescribed by a doctor. If this is the case, you will need to include a doctor’s certificate with your shipping paperwork. Please note that even if you do so, controlled medicines may still fail to clear customs when entering some countries, so be sure to check that they are not restricted before booking. 

Over the counter medicines 

Depending on the medicine type, quantity, make up and where the item is being shipped to, the supporting documentation that you may need to supply can vary. Check with your destination customs officials for more information and ensure that you know your specific requirements before shipping. 


If you are shipping medicine that is liquid, or needs to be kept cold or liquid, you will need to find a specialty courier. ParcelCompare cannot carry these, as they are on our prohibited items list. 

Note: Some of our partner carriers have restrictions on drugs and medicines. Check our Prohibited and Restricted Items list to ensure that your carrier of choice does not prohibit shipping medicine before you book. 

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