Can I send phones?

You can send phones with ParcelCompare, but we recommend that you check with the customs authority of the country you’re sending to, as regulations vary by destination.  

Destination restrictions

Rules around importing mobile phones vary greatly around the world. Here are some things to check for with your destination: 

  • Some countries do not allow the import of used phones 
  • Some countries require the IMEI number to be listed on the shipping labels 
  • Some countries require an import license to be acquired from a government body 
  • Additional charges may be applied when your phone reaches the destination country’s border, as some countries insist that you pay a broker to get clearance 

Packaging a phone for shipping

Phones should be packed carefully to avoid damage. Follow our packaging guidelines to ensure they are protected. 

Note: As phones contain lithium batteries you must ensure that the battery stays affixed to the phone at all times and follow our other lithium battery shipping guidelines

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