What are the rules for shipping electronics?

When shipping electronics: 

  • Lithium batteries must be in full working order, and inside the equipment you are sending. Find out more. 
  • Wrap your goods in anti-static material. 
  • Goods that contain glass may be included on our compensation exclusion list. 
  • Fragile or sensitive electronics should be packaged in specialist packaging with custom moulded polystyrene inserts. 

When shipping electronics internationally, proper packaging is key. You will need to completely surround your goods with an adequate packaging material – make sure that your goods are not touching any wall of the box, and that there is no movement in the box once sealed. Remember to wrap each electrical item individually. 

For more information on packaging, check out our guide to packing your parcel. 

Some electrical goods are present on our compensation exclusion or prohibited items lists; be sure to check before making your booking.  

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