Do I need a tail-lift to have my parcel collected?

When you enter your parcel size and weight details our couriers will select an appropriate vehicle to send for collection.

Every courier has different thresholds they use to determine whether a tail-lift will be required:

What parcel size or weight limit requires a tail-lift? 


Max physical weight

Max volumetric weight*


70 kg

70 kg


50 kg

100 kg


68 kg

68 kg

*Learn how to calculate volumetric weight

Note: Most couriers require you to assist them with loading if a parcel is very large or over 25 kg in weight. If you think a tail-lift is required, you can contact us to request this.

What couriers do not provide tail-lift vehicles? 


Max weight per parcel


15 kg


30 kg


31 kg


70 kg


How much advance notification is required to request a tail-lift?

You must give at least 24 hours’ notice if you require a tail lift.

Can we always guarantee a tail-lift truck?

Unfortunately, only FedEx guarantees a tail-lift truck on request but it’s rare for a request not to be carried out.

Do my goods have to be on a pallet?

Yes, when sending large and heavy goods in a vehicle with a tail lift, they must be securely attached to a pallet for every courier except UPS. 

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