My shipment is large. How can I make sure the courier has enough space?

We always tell the courier what the the weight and size of your parcel is when you book, so they can ensure they arrive in an appropriately sized vehicle, with enough space to take your parcel. If you are unsure whether you provided the correct dimensions, you can amend your shipment to correct the details. 

Unfortunately, we can’t directly contact the driver who will be collecting your package to ask if they’ll have room. However, with the correct dimensions it is rare for them to run out of room on the collecting vehicle.

Why we can’t call the driver

Most courier companies do not allow the driver to take calls since they are normally driving or serving customers. Furthermore even if we could call the driver to see if they have space, the driver could at any time be given an unexpectedly large parcel which could take up a lot of space, so they are unable to predict whether they will have space later in the day.

What happens if the driver does not have space for my package?

In the rare case that the driver runs out of room and cannot take your package we will rebook your collection for free.

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