Can I claim compensation for my damaged item?

If your item has been damaged in transit, you may be able to claim compensation.

Take pictures of the parcel and its contents when your shipment arrives, this is evidence that the item has been damaged in transit. Your pictures should show damage to the item and the packaging, both inside and out.

In order to claim compensation, you will need to raise a claim. Contact as soon as you can, you have 14 days to raise a claim, after that all claims will be invalid. Some couriers will want to collect your package again to do their own inspection of the damage.

You will need to provide us with proof of the value of your goods, so we can compensate you the correct amount. These can be:

  • An invoice to repair the item
  • An invoice to replace the item (If it cannot be repaired)
  • An original purchase receipt of item in question

Unfortunately, we cannot accept sales invoices. Quotes and web links are also not accepted.

For more information on claiming compensation for your goods, please visit What level of compensation am I entitled to?

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