What's the status of my claim?

When you make a claim with ParcelCompare, we work with our partner courier to resolve it, which does take some time. Each stage of the claim has a specific lead time, and we are unfortunately unable to provide any further feedback or information during this period.

We know it’s frustrating not to hear from us during this period, but we ask for your patience and understanding.

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Lost Package Claim

There are 2 stages to any lost package claim, firstly to try and locate your package, then processing of your claim if we are unable to locate your package:


Lead time

Lost package investigation

14 calendar days

Processing your claims

14 calendar days

Learn more about lost packages

Damaged Goods Claim

There are 3 stages to any damage claim, assessing your evidence, conducting a damage inspection and finally processing your claim.


Lead time

Reviewing your damage claim evidence

7 calendar days

Conducting a damage inspection

14 calendar days

Processing your damage claim

14 calendar days

How long should I wait before contacting you?

Please give us time to work through your claim, as carriers do not process claims quickly. If we are within the time frame above, please do not contact us as we will be unable to assist.

If it has been longer and you haven’t heard from us, please get in touch.

For more information, visit our claims page.

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