How do I dispute the weight adjustment charge?

Once you have been issued with a weight adjustment charge, you have seven days to dispute the charge by contacting us.  

Once we receive your dispute, no payment is taken, as the charge is placed on hold.  

In order to dispute the weight adjustment charge, you must provide one of the following: 

  1. If you have been invoiced based on adjusted 'actual' weight, we require an image of the item, with the label visible, on a set of scales confirming the weight you gave us when booking 
  1. If you have been invoiced based on adjusted 'volumetric' weight, we require images of the measurements of each side of the item (Point to point so you can see the measurements clearly) with the label visible in atleast one of the images confirming the dimensions that you entered are correct. 

If your evidence is sufficient, we will raise your dispute with the carrier and, once successful, the charge will be cancelled. 

If your evidence is insufficient, we will request payment of the weight adjustment charge. 

We understand it’s frustrating to have to prove the weight or size of your parcel, but unfortunately when a courier audits your parcel, we have no choice but to pay these costs on your behalf and then charge them on to you. We recommend therefore that you take pictures of your parcel before sending them.

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