Labels and paperwork guide

We always supply two copies of your shipping labels for each parcel:

  1. Apply one to your package
  2. Place the spare label inside your box, so if the outside label becomes detached, your parcel can still be identified by the courier.

Note: Some couriers also need an extra label printed, so if we produce this, please hand to the collecting courier.


How should I attach the label?

ParcelCompare recommends a documents enclosed pouch. Your collecting driver may be able to provide one. If they cannot, you can use clear packaging tape to attach the labels to the exterior of your package.

How do I tape the label on?

  1. Use clear packaging tape so all parts of your label are clearly visible.
  2. Leave the barcodes visible in their entirety, so they can be scanned. Do not fold or leave marks on the barcode.
  3. Tape down all edges. Any loose edge could get caught in transit.

I’m shipping Internationally, do I need customs forms?

In most cases the customs forms are submitted electronically, so you don’t need to print them. If needed, we will produce 5 copies. Place three on the first parcel and give the other two to the driver.

How do I affix the customs forms to the parcel?

We recommend using a documents enclosed pouch. If you don’t have one, attach them to your parcel using clear packing tape separate from the label.

Learn more about printing your customs forms.

Note: Remember that customs forms are only required for international shipments. 

What if I have used a “No Printer” service?

When you use a “No Printer” service, your labels are brought to your address by your collecting courier. You will still need to attach them to your package, and should use the same best practices explained above.


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