Why have I received a failed collection email when my parcel has already been collected?

We send a failed collection email when your parcel label is not scanned on your collection date.

In some rare instances the collecting driver may miss scanning your parcel, triggering our email. If this happens your parcel label should be scanned when it reaches the depot.

You should track your parcel and check the latest update. If there is a recent scan then you do not need to take further action; your delivery is on track.

If there is no recent scan then there are two possibilities:

I did not use the label provided by ParcelCompare

If this is the case, contact us to update your tracking number with the number from the label provided by the driver. This will allow us to give you tracking updates.

I did use the label provided by ParcelCompare

If you used our label and there’s no tracking update, then there’s a problem with your delivery. Contact us, so we can investigate.

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