The courier didn’t arrive to collect my parcel

We’re sorry the driver did not arrive to collect your parcel. 

You can rebook your collection by visiting our collections page.  Alternatively you can change the courier or you may be able to also drop off your parcel at a local shop.

Why hasn't the driver turned up to collect my package today?

Most couriers collect until 6pm, or in some cases, like EVRi, up to 8pm, so we recommend waiting till after 8pm before you rebook your collection.

I can’t risk my shipment not being collected today

If you don’t want to risk the courier not turning up, you have two options:

  1. Some couriers offer convenient drop off locations at local retailers. To guarantee collection today you will need to drop off before 11am. Check which couriers offer the option to drop off
  2. You can drop off at the local courier depot. Contact the courier directly or check on their website to find your nearest depot, and make sure you drop off before 6pm.

Why do collections fail?

The most frequent reasons for a driver not collecting are:

  1. Traffic congestion
  2. They have run out of time on their route
  3. Their vehicle runs out of space.

If the collection fails for another reason, such as them not being able to locate the collection address, they will always post a scan on our tracking screen that states the problem.

Can you contact the courier?

Unfortunately, we are unable to contact the driver as they are not permitted to take calls whilst driving.

Our drivers always try their best to get to every collection, so if it fails, it is due to an unavoidable problem.

If a EVRi collection fails, they offer three collection attempts as standard; if your collection fails you do not need to rebook. They will automatically re-attempt the next day.

EVRi have not collected my parcel. What can I do?

EVRi collect until 8pm, so if it is before then your parcel may still be collected.

If this is the first scheduled attempt at collection, you don’t need to do anything. EVRi make three collection attempts, on three consecutive days. If you do not wish to wait, you can drop your parcel off at your nearest EVRi ParcelShop.

If your collection has failed on three consecutive occasions, get in contact with us. We will enquire with EVRi what the issue is, and ensure that a driver is sent again to collect.

The collection driver has now failed to turn up on two or more occasions. What can I do?

If your collection has failed more than once, we recommend you contact us. We can then work with the courier to investigate the issue and make sure your collection takes place successfully. Alternatively you can change the courier or you may be able to also drop off your parcel at a local shop.

You can also raise a complaint if you have been at the location on both occasions.

Note: EVRi make three attempts for free. They should leave a card when the collection has been unsuccessful.

Why did the courier just drive past my house, but didn't come to collect?

A driver's route is planned in advance. If you spot a vehicle belonging to your collecting courier, it may not be the one due to collect from you – they could be making a delivery instead.

What if the driver is looking for my address?

If the driver is unable to find your address, the tracking page for your shipment will be updated to inform you that your driver was unable to find your address, and give information on what to do next.

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